Men's Flame-Resistant Apparel

Stay Safe and Stylish

Stay Safe and Stylish

Get men's fire-resistant clothing in East Lansing, MI

If your job deals with open flames, fire-resistant clothing can mean the difference between a small mistake and a serious accident. Get clothing that's as tough as you are with men's fire-resistant clothing from NKE Safety Apparel in East Lansing, MI. With a wide variety of cuts, sizes and options to choose from, you won't have to sacrifice safety in your team's uniforms.

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Learn more about your fire-resistant clothing choices

When you're considering what men's fire-resistant apparel to purchase, we'll help you choose the perfect fit for your needs. We offer:

Hi vis options
Company logos for bulk orders
A range of colors and sizes

Want to design custom men's fire-resistant clothing for your business' uniform? Call us at 810-339-7240 today to start planning your apparel.