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Finding a uniform that looks good while upholding all necessary safety standards can be a difficult task. That's why NKE Safety Apparel offers safety and work wear for individuals and businesses in East Lansing, MI and beyond. From safety vests and reflective shirts to fire-resistant jeans and winter jackets, we sell it all.

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With our full selection of work wear and safety apparel, you and your employees will be ready for anything. Our stock includes:

Men's hi vis clothing
Men's fire-resistant clothing
Women's hi vis clothing
Women's fire-resistant clothing

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As a local safety apparel company, your protection and comfort are our top priorities. We work with multiple suppliers, finding the best possible products to offer you. Whether you're visiting our store location or ordering online for your business across the country, we can help. We want every customer to get the same top-of-the-line products and customer service.

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